Two good friends of mine

Two super good friends of mine are opening a tiny dress boutique in our little town, and it will be located right on historic Oak Street. I know it’ll be tough to succeed here in this tiny community, but honestly, I could not guess of any people more suited to running a successful boutique. Besides being business majors with fashion merchandising minors, they are both stylish, and they have lovely personalities which will win over customers! When they were making the move everything was very chaotic, so I provided to help them in any way I could. They loved the idea and immediately took me up on that offer when they asked if I could get them a good deal on some sort of modern Heating and Air Conditioning installation. The building they are moving into is entirely beautiful and old, and the previous owners never installed any type of heating and Air Conditioning. The Heating and Air Conditioning installation, of course,  is going to be entirely tricky because they must preserve the historic nature of the home and make certain that we do not compromise the original architecture in any way… I really did not want to agree when they asked this of me, mostly because I guess it is going to be a lot of strenuous work. Yet, the next day I agreed to check with our boss to see if our Heating and Air Conditioning corporation could possibly do the installation at a discount. While my boss was happy about the prospect of such a cool project, he also said there was no way we could give a discount. If I use another company, most likely, we are going to end up in trouble, because everything will be a huge failure. At least I warned everyone about this, and they still wanted me to try. Both of us will just have to see how this works out!

AC and heat 

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