I dare you to tell me that

When you’re young and dumb, there are few things that you won’t do on a dare.  My brother was one of those people. He and some of his friends were out drinking one night, and his friends dared him to strip down, and walk home.  I guess he wasn’t thinking about it being winter outside when he accepted the dare, nor did he think about them heading home, and letting him alone without his clothes.  He walked the mile home, with the snow pelting his naked skin. My mom was so mad when he got home, but she drew him a hot bath, and turned the thermostat up in his room.  She told him that if he ever did something dumb like that again, she would turn the thermostat to the furnace off, and let him freeze. A month later, he made another bet. He was dared to go swimming in the pond, in the middle of a snowstorm.  He was so dumb that he did it, not thinking about my mom and how she said she wouldn’t turn on the heater for him. He walked in the house, and his lips were blue. She kicked his butt when he walked by and ordered him into a hot tub. I really didn’t think he would survive his teen years with these dumb dares that he accepted.  He now hates the cold, and he says he moved to the south, so he wouldn’t have to worry about needing heating. He has his air conditioning and that is all he needs. He doesn’t accept any dares anymore, either.

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