Living in a new dorm

My daughter has gone off to college. She got a scholarship that included all her costs in the dorms, which I thought will be a great experience for her. It is considered a great college, so I felt that she was lucky to achieve whole experience! The fall was pretty warm when she launched, so she was thankful they still had the air conditioning going. She had bought a desk fan, but so far didn’t use it at all. Certainly winter was fast approaching along with the weather taking a freezing turn. She noticed the thermostat within the hallway and it read 45 degrees. She was wondering why the heater had not clicked on yet. She didn’t want to cause trouble, so she didn’t demand anyone. Then, later that night, she heard the vents hum and was very thankful that the heater was finally turned on. But, then she noticed the air in her room had been getting colder. It was actually the air conditioner that had been blasting through the air ports at high force! All the students went out into the hallways and the resident advisors were trying to call the HVAC maintenance guy to come fix the fundamental heating system before it froze everyone out! At one point they just left the building to venture to the student union to warm up with free heat. When they came back to the dorms they were hoping for the fix, but they only were in a position to turn it off so far. Looks like it will certainly be a cold week.

HVAC maintenance tips 

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