Checking on my temperature control

I hate when the weather just starts to turn cold, and I can’t decide if I can put away my Summer clothes or not. I put them away more than two weeks ago… Then I had to take them back out due to us experience temperatures in the 90s, now, our weather has been constantly cold. I want to put the clothes away, but should I? Also I hate it because my mother never allows me to turn on the heater. I guess my mother believes that once the heater is turned on, Winter is here. My mom refuses to give up on Summer and throw in the towel. So for all of Fall I essentially freeze my butt off. She does not want to turn on the heating when she feels it could warm up. I understand she is hoping to save currency. The longer HVAC stays off, the lower our utility bills are. All of us don’t own AC, so there is no expense there, and the bills go from zero to seriously high once the gas gas furnace turns on. I get it, nobody wants to start paying a hefty bill! But, when it comes to comfort, isn’t it worth the expense? Our condo is super cold right now. I know for a fact our condo is colder inside than outside; Outside at least has sun. All of us are shaded and our condo is not airtight. I have to wear pants, a sweater, socks and gloves in the condo I am so cold. I just maintained the temperature on the thermostat too. It is 57 degrees in my home. That is just ridiculous.

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