Window fan issues

In highschool, over the summer I would go to a many afternoon cheer camp; however, cheer camp was a lot of fun since the whole squad went as well as the two of us all learned so much; We learned dances, cheers as well as modern stunts; It also was an awesome way to bond with the entire squad. The only negative of cheer camp was that it was consistently super hot. We would get up early as well as spend all afternoon in the hot sunlight studying things. The temperatures would be almost in the 90s, then also there was no A/C somewhere. The building the two of us learned the stunts in had mats, a roof, but no AC, and so frequently the two of us would drop our flyer since the two of us were sweaty. Where the two of us ate supper as well as supper only had sizable fans that provided some cooling, and basically you were just out of luck if you wanted air conditioning. The cheer camp didn’t even have a pool to properly cool off. Also since I shared a cottage with 20 other girls, the part I slept in was super hot. All of us girls would bring window fans as well as hook them up with extension cords, and fans only circulate the already heated air though. What the two of us honestly needed was a few portable heaters to keep the whole space warm. By The end of the many days I was just itching to leave, and I was burned, tired as well as way too hot. I also was super cranky after being a sweat monster for a long weekend. A girl can only take so much sunlight as well as no cooling.

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