My heater is so dirty

The only room that I have air conditioning is in our house gym… I have a honestly neat addition onto our home. There is a door that opens to a long, area similar to a patio. If I knocked down the glass windows, the section would be a patio for sure. Instead I left the door and windows and I made it a workout room. I can see the pretty outdoors through the glass but have temperature control when I’m working out. In the Winter it is nice since the snow looks so pretty even though I am toasty warm. The sunshine comes through the glass and naturally warms me. I also added a ductless heat pump to the room for some added heating system use. I also honestly needed the ductless device for cooling power. In the Summer that work out room gets toasty. The sunshine coming off the glass gets to be hot. It’s almost like I’m a bug under a magnifying glass, and so I crank up the A/C with the ductless device. The air conditioning comes from a wall mounted device and keeps myself and others frosty enough to work out for as long as we want. I care about having a ductless A/C device since it takes up no space… Also not messing around with ductwork is super great. It is easy to clean, maintain and the temperature in our workout room never affects our whole home. I can use the air conditioning for my workouts and still have a nice sizzling kitchen. It is superb for comfort and currency reasons! No use paying for cooling in rooms that I don’t want it.

elk air conditioning 

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