Testing the radon levels

I have worked very hard in my life to get to a point where I can take an early retirement. I fully plan on spending the rest of my days traveling and living the life of a nomad. Luckily I have been able to save quite a bit of money throughout my life, and along with some rather smart investment choices, I have amassed quite a sizeable nest egg. My goal is to travel to every state in the United States, then move on the rest of the continent, and finally heading abroad to enjoy the last of my days in Europe, or perhaps Asia. In preparing for this extended vacation I have only one big item left to sell off which is my house. I bought it 38 years ago and have put tons of work into it throughout the years. One thing I never even thought I would be doing to my home, however, is having a Radon testing company come out to test the Radon gas levels throughout my home. Radon gas is a colorless, odorless, cancer-causing radiation that can seep in through the soil surrounding your home. According to the Surgeon General, it is the second highest cause of lung cancer in the United States, so it goes without saying how important it is to test for and reduce any excessive levels of Radon that might exist in your home. I never had the Radon gas levels in my home tested until now, and I am happy to report that my house passed with flying colors. I am one step closer to my permanent vacation.


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