A shed made from wood

My Mom was a carpenter most of his life. before he retired, he taught me a lot about woodworking and how to build shelters, tools and even how to build a small row boat. long after he passed, I still use most of the know-how he gave to me when I work on my own house, but i’ve lived up north most of my life, so I’ve always known the unforgiving chilly and relentless snow that hits us for a quarter of the year. I’m used to it, but my tools never get used to the salt, water and other naturally destructive elements. I took it upon myself to renovate the shed in my backyard, which has always been pretty much condemned. I usually keep all my tools in my garage and use the part as a workshop, but lately I’ve been looking for a current project, but when I first started drafting up my renovation ideas, I remembered that it was critical for the shed to be insulated well. I wasn’t going to heat it with anything more powerful than an ancient wood-burning stove, so I wanted to make sure it held any heat put out by the stove. once I tore down the rotting wood and replaced the disfigured portions of the roof, I first nailed a membrane to the walls before putting up fiberglass insulation. Using the fiberglass was fancy, but easier to work with, after the insulation was on the walls, I rented the wood paneling over it and voila! My shed was standing and could keep hot while in snowfall.

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