Putting in a new air filter

A man can get used to almost anything, among them the smell of a low tide. I grew up on the coast, and when I say that, I mean right by the water’s edge. Every day, during low tide, there was the most pervasive, awful smell drifting up, out of dry stretches of the sea bed. When I was growing up, I never noticed it. It had been there since I was a baby, so it was normal to me. But when I came back, after a few years, from a military tour, the stench was so raw I had to sit next to an air filter just to breathe!

Thankfully, I had an air conditioner with me, with a powerful air filtration system. I had bought the unit overseas, and took it with me everywhere I went; it was a real lifesaver. The air conditioner cooled me off, and made the air more breathable, especially in the Middle East, where sleeping conditions were unpleasant. HEPA air filters and built-in dehumidifier processed the air quietly and removed 99 percent of the foreign particles in it. It wasn’t enough to cool everything down, but this air filter HVAC was perfect for the inside of a tent. While I stayed at my old house, I turned it on every day during the low tide.  

air conditioning filter 

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