I’d love a new air conditioner

“Every time I try to get out, they push me back in!” That line from one of the Godfather movies was about a life of crime, but it also applies to the life of clowning. I’m trying to prepare for my night school finals, but my family needs me to help with a large celebration. It’s at a nearby estate. They need a full set of clowns for a birthday party. They’re a few clowns short. The pay is nice for an afternoon’s worth of clowning, but I need to focus on my HVAC service certification tests.

To make a long, boring story shorter and more interesting, I went to the party. It ended up helping me land an apprenticeship with a local HVAC business. It’s the largest heating and cooling business in the county, with contracts with a lot of businesses. I didn’t think so then; it was just a rich man’s country manor. I didn’t know he was the local king of HVAC replacement. Later in the afternoon, I heard an odd clanking sound. I left my juggling post to see that around the back, the air conditioner and air handler were working improperly. Since this was what I was trying to do with my life, I knelt down next to the air conditioner as well as checked it until I found the problem. Imagine how odd it must have been for the owner to come around back and see a clown fixing his air conditioner!

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