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I am the new mom of the most adorable little baby boy! You wouldn’t think that he has some drastic health complications, challenges that he will have to deal with throughout his entire life. He’s our only baby. His addition to our family has created a huge awareness of just how challenging parenting can be. I realized the world makes it all look easy; however, they don’t talk about the concerns and complications that can occur. I am finding support groups of other moms who are going through what I am with our son. We have found it necessary to change our entire lives around for our son. First off, we knew we had to call in a local HVAC provider to do a total assessment of our house. Our child is genuinely sensitive to heat as well as to cold. His medications make a change of direction in temperature that much worse. It’s somewhat difficult to understand. Basically, if the furnace is turned up too high, he could think that pins were being pushed into his skin. Conversely, if the air conditioning is on too high, his entire little body becomes like an ice cube. This parenting of sick children’s support group has led my husband and I to learn about all these new things we should get for our son. The heating and air conditioning business has modified our thermostat by installing a Zone Control App and a Smart App. The Zone Control makes it possible to adjust the temperature differently in every room of the house. This will help normalize the temperatures throughout our home for the rest of the family, while our son is still comfortable in whatever room he is in. The Smart App allows me to monitor those temperatures from my cell phone, which I love more than anything. For, you see, if he is having any kind of reaction to the levels of heating or cooling, I can adjust the temperature immediately. To me, that is quite a blessing.

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