I love the heating unit in here

To me, it is infinitely fascinating to hear how much some people don’t know about their own houses and regular maintenance. Here, however, they live in these overly extravagant homes, with every appliance known to man available at their fingertips. But, half the time, they don’t even have a clue about the proper maintenance of those appliances. If something breaks, they often will just replace it with a brand new appliance rather than attempt to find a repairman. It is such a waste of money! However, it is an even greater waste of resources when they just toss out the used HVAC unit that can’t be recycled! Recently, the heating and cooling industry has seen an increase in deaths among the elderly related to carbon monoxide. Quite a few people don’t realize how dangerous these older gas furnaces can be! They definitely do require more regular maintenance than your average HVAC unit. These older gas furnaces are unquestionably hard to detect problems with or leaks in until it is too late. The elderly do not have the awareness that us younger folks possess when it comes to understanding our bodies and illness. They already have a number of things that ail them, so an uneasy stomach, an unexpected headache or even feeling lightheaded and dizzy do not surprise them. The HVAC companies have decided to launch an entire educational campaign around carbon monoxide and gas furnaces in hopes of bringing more awareness and saving lives. But wouldn’t it be great if we could also figure out a way to refurbish these HVAC units that the wealthy are disposing of and regift them, in turn, to the elderly?

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