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Growing up in a trailer park was difficult for me. I don’t ever anticipate living like that again.  My mom has lived in her mobile home for year and says she can’t imagine living in a conventional home. Mom, however, is great about maintaining her lot and home. Her neighbors are not!   I know that many people feel it is only a “temporary” home so they don’t care for it as they might if it was a regular house. Mom even petitioned the Park Manager so she could put up privacy fencing on her lot.  This way, she wouldn’t have to look at the neighbors mess in their yard all the time or put up with the area kids trampling her flower beds. There are some advantages to living in a mobile home. The upkeep is minimal for the most part so long as you keep up with repairs to the skirting around them. Your plumbing and HVAC ducts are safe from damage and are easily accessible if you need a repair.  Last year, there were a lot of really bad storms that blew through our area and it damaged part of our mom’s skirting. She had several large pieces break free and they blew under the house damaging the HVAC ducts. She had no way of using her air conditioner until the repairs were made. Mom had to contact the HVAC specialist to come out and service this before she could turn the system back on. There are HVAC companies that deal exclusively with Mobile Homes as the systems are installed very different from that of a conventional home. Even the ductwork is smaller so that it fits into the thinner walls of the home.  I am happy mom has someone she knows and can trust to work on her system.

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