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About two years ago, my then boyfriend and I were doing some shopping at the local pottery venue. There was the most beautiful ceramic outdoor fireplace that we knew we couldn’t live without. At the time, it was the middle of summer and the perfect time for it. We really had no specific use for the outdoor fireplace, however my partner absolutely wanted to acquire it. Since he never tends to ask for much in this relationship, I made the purchase for him. It took forever for us to unload it from our truck. It sat in the garage for too many weeks at that. Then my one afternoon on the weekend my boyfriend and I set it up outside. It was finally get cold enough to use the fireplace in the evenings. The natural thing was to call a few of our friends and just have a big cocktail party outside in our backyard. My partner made the most amazing fried calamari, caesar salad, plus chicken fettuccine alfredo as a main course. Once I picked up cannolis from the local bakery, we had everything we needed for a nice dinner. I cleaned up the backyard, and proceeded to make a nice fire in the fireplace. The moonlight was shining down on the pavement, plus the fireplace looked amazing on the patio. It absolutely provided a great deal of heat for our guests, too. It is amusing how it  was a summer purchase, though, it looks as if we would get a lot of use out of it in the winter, too. I can’t believe how much wine we through that night while we stayed up talking about work and life. The outdoor fireplace was the perfect size for our patio and the perfect party addition. It was functional, plus still genuinely pleasing to the eye that blended in. When some of our friends asked about the purchase, when we then told them about the funny summer purchase originally. Everyone got a kick out of that, while the sound of wood crackled in the background. It was one of the most fun cocktail parties that both of us have ever hosted in our relationship.

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