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My husband and I both have very demanding jobs.  We often put in six or seven days a week and our work frequently involves travel.  Since we are rarely at home, I’ve needed to streamline responsibilities, upkeep, and household management as much as possible.  I’ve hired a grass service to handle the mowing, raking, and care of my flowerbeds. I’ve got a cleaning man who stops by every week and takes care of the vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing.  I do most of our shopping online, and I’ve enrolled in a great Heating, Ventilation and A/C service program. I upgraded us to a smart HVAC system to save time and make my life easier. Whether my husband or I am stuck late at work, traveling through the airport, or checked into a hotel, I have instant access to our heating and cooling equipment through my smartphone.  Plus, the smart thermostat simplifies operation through automatic programming. It keeps tabs on the locations of our phones and adapts temperature settings accordingly. When we’re away from home, the smart thermostat adjusts the oil furnace and air conditioning to conserve energy, saving us money on our monthly bills. When we are on our way home, the thermostat makes changes to welcome my husband and I back home to the ideal temperature.  It’s also helpful that the thermostat sends us regular messages, keeping us aware of service needs or abrupt temperature fluctuations. I can track energy usage on my smartphone, which allows my husband and I to optimize our energy savings; the thermostat even offers helpful tips. Because of the smart thermostat, I don’t need to stress over the operation of the oil furnace and air conditioning back home when we are away.

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