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When my husband and I purchased our cabin fifteen years ago, it came with a working oil furnace. Although it was in great shape,it was already a few years old.  Over the years, I’ve made sure to have the heating component professionally tested every fall. It’s been necessary to upgrade a few parts due to wear and tear, but the trusty furnace has proven exceptionally reliable.  In the area where we live, the winter weather is long and brutal. The oil furnace has managed some serious work without any major malfunctions. I realize, though, that the furnace won’t last forever and that it is tragically nearing the end of its lifespan.  I’ve noticed that it is starting to struggle to maintain a temperate indoor climate on especially frosty days. My energy bills are a bit higher every year, and the operational sounds are growing gradually more deafening. While I am reluctant to take on the immense expense of replacing the furnace, I need to be prepared.  I would rather tackle an improvement project while we are in the summertime than in the middle of a winter blizzard. I’ve done some research into current furnace technology and I am surprised by the innovative products on the market. There are now furnaces on the market that achieve 98% AFUE, which would significantly reduce my yearly energy bills.  These systems feature versatile speed technology, allowing the heating component to automatically alter capacity in one percent increments to meet demand. By running longer, at much lower speeds, the furnace conserves energy and promotes more evenly distributed temperature throughout the cabin. I have already gotten an estimate from a HVAC Contractor about upgrading my old, reliable oil heating machine this summertime with the latest furnace on the market.

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