I should probably service my heater

  I am reminded sometimes that my guy is a bit of an obsessive weirdo! He entirely  gets fired up plus consumed with certain topics, plus it’s very hard to pull him back into reality. This has been the case with our recent condo renovation. We were talking about condo heating plus cooling solutions, though, I never would have guessed that his most recent obsession would become our brand new smart temperature control. All this started when both of us called a local Heating & Air Conditioning agent out to the home to discuss available heating plus cooling plans available.

              He suggested some energy star rated gas furnaces plus air conditioner units, and also highly touted their newest smart temperature control option. He said that the new temperature control allowed the user to have complete control over their condo heating plus cooling system, even from many miles away! So we were sold. When the temperature control plus ventilation plan was fully installed, my guy got right to began messing with the settings. He wanted to optimize the energy usage, set a highly detailed temperature control plan, plus set service reminders within moments of the thermostat being on.

          It’s been two weeks now and he hasn’t stopped. Everyday he’s bent over the smart temperature control, diligently checking all of our condo energy statistics plus tweaking the program by single degrees… I can’t pull him away from the stupid thing! Anytime I can’t find my guy when I need help with something, you’d better suppose that he’s poking at the smart temperature control… Yes, I wanted to reduce our energy expenditure, but not at the cost of losing my guy.

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