My boyfriend is a sucker

My boyfriend, Richard, is super handy but I have tried to hide this skill.  My family tends to take advantage of  anyone who possesses a special skill. My brother Mark is especially good with computers. Anytime a Grandparent has trouble with their laptop or any electronics, Mark is the a one who is messing with it. I am especially strong and can move furniture like nobody’s business. When heavy furniture needs to move in or out of somebody’s house, I get the call. I did not want Richard to be put to work.   He could not help but demonstrate his skills. My mother was struggling to install a new sink in the washroom. She could get the faucet on or the drain line to stop dripping.   The vanity also was a tight fit, which made it more difficult.  Richard could not help himself. He got his tools and set up the sink. He noticed rust and debris within  the drain pipes in the bathroom. He cleaned out the pipes and went on to tell my mother how important strong and sturdy piping is for bathroom plumbing. So after that experience, my family knew all about Richard’s plumbing abilities. So if anyone needs a water tank replaced, my boyfriend is expected to handle the task. My boyfriend has now fixed garbage disposals, dishwashers and drainage problems. I finally said no when it came to my Grandma’s septic system. I did not want my guy messing with her septic in her yard for free. That would have taken a full day of work.  Plumbing is not his  job, and he shouldn’t be giving up all his free time.

bathroom plumbing 

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