I benefited from the flooring

I heat my home with a boiler system. I’m actually happy with it: the boiler is installed in the basement and is linked to radiators throughout the house.  Although the method is old, it has never given me any problems. The boiler operates silently and efficiently. It also provides a clean, gentle heating throughout the house.  My only complaint is the look of those old radiators. They are ungainly and take up space. They are also a safety concern as they tend to get quite hot. I have looked into the option of replacing the radiators, but I can’t decide on the best option.  I could simply have new and improved radiators installed, which would be the least costly choice. Updated radiators are smaller, not jungainly to look at, plus offer better safety features. I have also considered replacing the radiators with baseboard heaters.  These are far more beautiful plus streamlined, and would run around the perimeter of the room. The spread of heat would be far better, improving the overall comfort of the home. The most costly consideration is to install radiant flooring throughout the house. To accomplish this, I would need to tear up the floors.  It would be a large, costly project but it might give the most benefits from the investment. The radiant method would be actually concealed beneath the floors, taking up no space inside. The heat would be evenly distributed from corner to corner, rising slowly and avoiding uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. This would allow me to set the control device a bit lower, maybe saving money on heating bills.  


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