We all sucked at the plumbing repair

My boyfriend Charlie is really handy. I have tried to conceal this skill. My family take advantage of  anyone who possesses a special skill. My sibling Mike is an expert with laptops. Anytime a Grandparent can’t run their computer or open an SMS, Mike is the one dealing with it. I am unusually strong and great at moving bulky furniture. So when heavy items are involved in  a move, I get the call to help. I did not want Charlie to be put in an awkward position.  My boyfriend was not careful enough. My mother was having difficulty installing the new sink and faucet in the bathroom. She could not get the faucet and pipes in place.  The vanity was a really snug fit. Charlie offered to help.  He got right in there and installed the sink and faucet quickly. He even realized there was some rust and debris clogging the pipes in the bathroom. He cleaned the drain so it ran better.  He then told my mother how important strong and clean pipes and drains are for the bathroom. After that demonstration, my family is convinced that Charlie has plumbing skills. So if anyone needs a hot water tank repaired, my boyfriend is the one they call for the job. My boyfriend also takes care of  garbage disposals, dishwashers and drainage clogs in the shower. I finally refused to let Charlie work for free when it came to Grandma’s septic system. I did not want my boyfriend screwing around in her sewage for free. He would have spent all day working on it and it’s not fair.  He is not a licensed plumber and doesn’t want to devote every weekend to offering free repairs.

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