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At our office, there are more than two hundred people working within a single building! One would think that the office managers would understand the importance of keeping the furnace running at a reasonable temperature to keep employees somewhat comfortable. Sadly, this is not the case in our situation. Our office managers have decided to save on expenses by turning the temperature down and therefore lowering the electricity bill. This makes no sense at all to me; they really end up spending a lot more money using this plan due to the large number of space heaters in the building. Without the furnace, the people I work with and I were so chilly that it was difficult to complete our daily tasks. For example, I recall attempting to send an email message to a client, but I could not type at all because my fingers were so numb! My coworker was shivering so ferociously that she accidentally spilled her coffee all over her PC! Various employees even made the decision to leave the company due to the low temperatures. Many of us brought in personal space heating devices to combat the problem. However, this is costing the firm more through electricity costs than simply using the furnace. I hope the company realizes this soon, as space heaters are known to start office fires. This is just another reason that the furnace should be put back into use, because a fire would be much more expensive than decreasing the temperature control would be! We are all at our wit’s end. A permanent solution to this issue needs to be implemented soon or I may have to look elsewhere for employment, too.

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