It’s time to do some plumbing

They say you should never hire family members to do any sort of labor for you. The way my family works, I should have known better than to hire my own sister to help us when both of us ran into a few plumbing problems. She started going to school to be an electrician when she was fresh out of private school, however failed to keep up her grades. After that, she thought she would learn how to work on cars however was unable to fully understand the mechanics! Now, she has somehow managed to open her own plumbing supplier plus has been quite successful in her recent years. To save on some currency plus also help my sister’s business, I figured I would hire her to do our lake house plumbing service. Well, not only did I have to wait almost an entire month for her to come clean our plumbing system, but I also had to pay full price! She kept pushing my appointment back because she thought her non-family plumbing buyers should come before family. Even when she came to do the plumbing work, my sister ended up leaving her tools all over for myself and others to clean up! I suppose it was quite casual for her to do the plumbing for me,  however if I am paying full price, I expect to be treated like her other buyers. My fiance tried to warn me ahead of time that hiring my sister would beginning up a family feud plus now I wish I would have listened to him plus hired a normal, reputable plumber in the area.

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