Removing things like pollen

When our twins were born I was both happy and worried at the same time. Neither my hubby or I had any experience with babies growing up, plus now the two of us had two to care for. We went through the most common parent struggles, but the largest 1 was that both of the kids had extreme dust sensitivities to pet dander. This thought never occurred to us because my hubby and I have both had dogs and cats all our lives, and we’ve never had a problem. We just couldn’t understand how people with no dust sensitivities could have 2 children that have them. Either way we knew we needed to find a solution because we didn’t want to get rid of our pets, and of course we could not get rid of our children! As our concerns were with the indoor air quality and pollen levels of our house, we contacted our heating and cooling contractor to see if they had a solution for us. Right away, they suggested that we get a whole house air purification system that would allow us to remove things like pollen and pet dander that might escape the normal filtration method that we already had going on in the home. They said that many of their customers who experience dust sensitivities, asthma, with other breathing problems had great success with these type of units and highly suggested them to people with children especially. We were happy to have our HVAC contractor come to the house and provide us an estimate on installing this air purification system because we needed our children to be healthy! Once we have the installation completed, we could all be able to breathe better in more ways than one!

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