I’d love another job

Who would have thought 2 years ago I would be heading back to school. Well, here I am, at 41 years old, doing just that. The company I worked for decided to relocate out of the country and I wasn’t going with them. After all, my entire life is here. After a month or so of being down and out, I have decided that I needed to do something with the rest of my life! My previous job was that of a laptop programmer, so I knew I wanted to still do something with the technological side of things. After looking into multiple unusual areas, I decided that I wanted to work with HVAC systems. Not only were these jobs in high-demand but multiple of the system today are completely operated by computers, so it makes sense for myself to go into this job.  I was surprised to learn that I could get my degree as an HVAC specialist in around 8 months. After that, they would send you to specialized training to work with certain systems. This all sounds fantastic to me! I still had my severance pay from my previous job so I didn’t have to worry about paying the rent for a few more months anyway. When the money ran out I would be able to have another job and be well on my way to earning the same amount of income I was at my previous place; Skilled HVAC professionals are in high demand now and i’m more than sure that they will only increase as years go by.

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