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What do you think the greatest problem is that eating establishments face today? I’m sure you won’t guess the answer unless you have a job in the kitchen. In fact, most people go to an eating establishment on a fairly regular basis and they have no idea of what goes into making the dining experience wonderful! There are such a variety of positions in an eating establishment, however, clearly the most substantial is the kitchen, because the kitchen is where magic happens! It takes a large team to get the food perfect and up to award winning dining, but what people don’t think of is the hard work that kitchen staff go through in a kitchen with a temperature in the high 90’s at every meal served. Kitchen’s can’t use any type of A/C, for it will cool and ruin the food. The dining area, however, has air conditioning to keep the eating establishments comfortable for customers. Recently, my son came up with a modern invention at work, he is the owner of a heating and cooling company and trying hard to make a mark for himself. Around 10 years ago Radiant Floor Heat was introduced as a great and efficient way to heat homes and offices. Well, he started to wonder if there was a way to make Radiant Floor Air Conditioning. This would be a perfect solution for kitchens! It would keep the chefs comfortable from the ground up and therefore would not ruin the food! At first, his customers weren’t listening to his idea.  But, then his best client, a high end eating establishment heard about it so they wanted to try it!

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