This latch is lose

I don’t guess anyone has shouted praises about dorm living! I was forced to live in the dorms for the entire four years I attended college.  I had a full scholarship that included my room plus board. I’m not one of those people who good grades come easy to me. Yep, I got into a great college and with a full scholarship, but I worked harder for it than most. There was just no chance I could take on an outside job that would make me enough to live out on my own, even with five roommates.  So, I was stuck staying in the dorms. I just want to know if there are any dorms that are newer or in good repair. I hear the same complaints regarding run down heating systems plus a non-existent air conditioning unit. You are relying on a programmed boiler that may or may not send heat up to your room in the Winter season! Please, don’t even get me started with the heat that you can actually see in early Spring. It comes back around as the fall session is beginning and it’s brutal. There is virtually no air conditioning to be seen anywhere in any of the dorms! Well, after year four, I knew we needed a good plan. I was able to keep the same roommate all four years, my best friend had the same scholarship I did. Together in our sophomore year the two of us managed to work off the protection latch on the window that stops you from opening it. We had purchased a portable window air conditioning unit. It was pure heaven! We actually managed to get away with it for an entire year!


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