This air filter is awesome

I have worked at the same office building for more than 12 years, but I adore my work, it is so engaging and accesses all of the skills that I studied in college.  The actual building my job is in, I could do without. The building is very old, run down, and I don’t think they spend any time or money on even the basics. The walls around here are so dirty, I honestly can’t even remember when, more like if, they were ever painted. The rugs are cheap matted material, like you see in airports and they haven’t been cleaned, ever. But, the thing I have always found disgusting is the ventilation system, because every time the heating or air conditioning automatically kicks on there is a musty, wretched odor that comes through and the air itself is neither warm or cold. I tremble at the thought of what gross particles I am breathing in because of those vents. Every time they are turned on several people get sick.  One of my teammates, who has severe allergies, took the issue to the local health department last week. Our management team wouldn’t listen to his complaints, so he had no choice. When the department of health HVAC professional walked in he went straight for the nearest HVAC duct! He clearly had dealt with this issue before. When he pried open the vent, he found the largest grouping of mold and grime. It was clear why we were all sick! The mold had simply been circulating through the vents each time the air conditioner or the heat was switched on.

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