I made everything great

My partner recently was bugging me about going out. He said it would be nice if both of us made the choice to go to this play he wanted to attend. I didn’t want to go, but he was telling me that I couldn’t just stay in the house all day. Then as we were having this conversation, the HVAC system quit working. That nice chilled air stopped, and it was starting to get warmer. I called up the heating and air conditioning dealer to ask about having a serviceman over. They said they wouldn’t be able to send anyone out until the following morning. Suddenly going out to the play was a fantastic idea. I wasn’t willing to stay inside the overheated house the whole time, just waiting to have our air conditioning fixed. When we went to the play, I found it actually funny. I got quite a few good laughs in, and even better, the heating and air conditioning system in the theatre was amazing. The air was so perfectly chilled. Thinking about our broken A/C back at home, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to leave. I wanted to just stay out all evening, and my partner was delighted about it. The two of us ended up going to a nice brunch, then after we had some fantastic food and entirely enjoyed ourselves, we went for an evening stroll on the beach. It was beautiful out there. The breeze off the ocean made everything feel so fresh. I was delighted at that point that my partner kept nagging at me to go do something that night. If that heating and air conditioning system didn’t die on us, I would have stayed home all night by myself.

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