Doing some plumbing work here

As a mother, I have always taught our boys to save money in some sort of way for emergencies. When they were growing up, I always had a locked account that could only be used in the case of an emergency whether it be with travel, a car, or someone’s health. Now that that have all moved out & are living on their own, I have slowly stopped worrying about that emergency fund. I no longer thought it was necessary to keep money aside since it was only my partner & I that live at home now.  However, when our hot water tank broke down on me, I wished I still had our emergency savings account. I woke up to take a shower one afternoon & realized that even after leaving the tub faucet running for a few minutes, the water was still not getting hot. My partner then went to check the hot water tank & knew it was time for it to be replaced. Not knowing how much the new hot water tank would cost, I agreed to get a new one instantly so I could have a hot shower by the next day. After going to the plumbing store & hiring a plumber to quote the new hot water tank installation cost, I almost dropped at the cost. The total plumbing cost was going to exceed what all of us could afford! I had to take money from our own retirement fund to pay for the whole new hot water tank installation & setup! Now, I am sure to keep extra cash aside like I used to in case my partner and I encounter another problem like this again.

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