The HVAC is pumping out air

People are surprised when I tell them that I prefer staying indoors rather than out. Even though some insist that the quality of life you live is based on how much you’re in the outdoors, that is not the case with me. No matter the season or the time of the year, I am a true indoor person. That’s why I invested in a top quality Heating and A/C system for my house! I enjoy the comfort that this system brings during any of the four seasons.  The key to finding the right temperature at particular times of the year takes a bit of re-adjusting the thermostat settings. In the Winter, I set it the temperature at 74, unless it’s a windy or a humid day. Then I might bump it up to 75. In Springtime I drop the settings a degree or two, plus I am likely to leave the windows open just a bit. In Spring, Summer and Fall, I fluctuate the settings just a bit, depending on the sunshine coming in the windows and the humidity level. In addition to my heating and cooling system, I also have an air purification system. It keeps the air really clean. One more thing regarding clean air is the regular attention to the air filters. Dirty air filters not only result in more particles in the air, they also lead to a strain on the heating and cooling system. At the end of the day, I just love each of the air systems that I have in my home. Life is great!

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