The building is going to be immaculate

I work at a local radio station, and the station is the key source of 24-hour news for the area.  My job is to keep the latest news coming in, so I am positioned in a small room most of the day. In the summer, I’d hate to think how hot my room could get without air conditioning. But thankfully, there’s a quality air conditioning system in the building. While working alone most of the day, it’s essential for anyone to be comfortable and alert. This is one reason they constantly have the thermostat set at 69 degrees. That may sound a little on the cold side. But it’s perfect to keep me from nodding off while on the job. There’s so much down time in my role that keeping the room temperature somewhat cool is vital. On my way up to the fourth floor where my office is each day, I have noticed that there are Heating and A/C air ducts that run all through the building. When you reach my floor, the HVAC ducts seems to be a little bit different from the other floors. Why? I have no clue. That would be something to ask an HVAC technician – the guys that I see working on the system once in awhile. I have no idea how heating and cooling systems work, but I am definitely glad that they do!


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