I love a dinner out

When I arrived at the restaurant to meet up with my husband for dinner, I had rain soaked sneakers. I was in a rush to get to the restaurant, so I forgot our umbrella. I also stepped in a giant puddle when I was running in. It was really uncomfortable after that. I wish that the restaurant had their heating unit working better because I was really chilly. I went into the restroom to clean up a bit… Even after blasting the heater in the car all the way there, after stepping in that large puddle, I was just completely soaked. It was basically a downpour outside as well, and it felt humid even inside the restaurant. They maybe should have a reliable dehumidifier in their HVAC system to keep the air dry. It seemed they were lacking a reliable dehumidifier. When my husband and I got our food, I kind of rushed things along since I didn’t feel comfortable in the restaurant. When we left, I felt better. I blasted the heat all the way back home. I couldn’t wait to get in a nice bath and then spend some quality time at home with my husband. Even though I felt pretty uncomfortable at the restaurant, my husband and I still had a pretty good time. He said he had a surprise for me when I got out of the shower. When I got out of the shower, I was presented with my number one favorite cheesecake!

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