We were charged a bit too much

In the past, I’ve never been a believer in luck or anything superstitious. I must say that has particularly changed ever since I picked up this 5 leaf clover. I have heard that they are rare plus are rather lucky, so I decided to keep it with me. I really pressed it in a single of my number one favorite books in order to preserve it. It was the following weekend when I called up the stereo station to try and win concert tickets for my number one band. When I called up, I was the lucky 90th caller! That concert was amazing and I truly thought it might have something to do with my lucky clover. Later on when my parents were fighting about getting a new Heating plus A/C system, I was truly concerned and wanted to help. I knew they were struggling financially that year since they were helping myself and others pay for college courses. I then looked at my lucky clover then thought that I particularly needed some kind of extreme luck at that time. I later went to the gas station plus purchased a couple of lottery tickets. I couldn’t even believe it when I won the $5000 a week for life! When I gained my money, the first thing I went to do was buy my parents a brand new Heating plus A/C system! I got them a nice Heating and A/C system with this amazing rapid heating and cooling plan. They had to change out the HVAC duct for that, although I felt it was worth the cost. I also opted for the smart temperature control so the people I was with and I were able to control the temperature control from our smart cell phones. My parents quit fighting after that, then everything was starting to look up. I don’t really know if it was particularly because of the 5 leaf clover, however it sure seemed to have something to do with my amazing luck!

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