I am so tired

Working from the house definitely has its pros in addition to cons on all days. I recognize most people envision working from their house as lounging around in pajamas all afternoon, eating ice cream in addition to seeing TV while working on a computer. While I definitely have been guilty of doing my job in our pajamas, working from house is not all that it is cracked up to be on most days. And this week, I have had a major issue with working at home as our air conditioning unit died! A few years back, when our air conditioning unit died, it was not a pressing deal because I had air conditioning at work, in addition to in our gym, in addition to in our car, so I was covered. But, now that I am at the house for the majority of our afternoon, being without air conditioning is miserable. And don’t get me started on trying to focus when there is no air conditioning, it is even worse. I called our Heating and A/C supplier instantly in addition to asked them to come look at our air conditioning unit for an immediate air conditioning service or an air conditioning upgradement. But they were unable to come out that afternoon, so now my appointment with them is set for Wednesday. I just have to make it a single afternoon. My first plan of attack was to go to a tea shop for the afternoon to try to do work there, but this was not a nice method for our budget. I spent way too much money everyday on high-priced tea and lunch. In addition it was really hard to focus with all of the noise. But yesterday in addition to this week, I went to a nearby library to work and that was much better. It works perfectly! I have air conditioning in addition to solitude, I recognize I can make it until tomorrow’s appointment!

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