I’m not that surprised

Unfortunately, I happen to be sitting inside of my business offer covered in an immense amount of sweat. I just purchased a brand modern A/C unit yesterday, so I was hoping it would be big enough to cool down my entire office. Apparently, I was honestly wrong in thinking that assumption. Sweat is dripping off of my forehead in addition to down onto the keyboard. I’m trying to meet all of my deadlines, and I don’t have a lot of time to shop for a different A/C unit. My boss was aggravated about myself in addition to others missing our last week’s deadlines. It’s close to Triple digits outside, so I’m not surprised that this tiny A/C unit can’t really do a good job. It’s honestly going to be quite a long day, as my small A/C unit struggles just to keep up with the demand. The daylight hours are baking the office with the Sun. When I evaluated the temperature in my office, I was surprised to find it 84 degrees inside. It’s entirely cooler than the honest temperatures outside, so I’d rather be anywhere than need to be at work. I’d like to finish my work early today, so I could find a different A/C unit for the office. I’m going to easily die of heat stroke, if I continue to do nothing about the problem. When I purchased the A/C unit the day before yesterday, the salesperson was sure this A/C unit would be the perfect size for my office. Unfortunately, that was absolutely incorrect.

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