A fun and housewarming party

I have been told that having a housewarming party 9 months after I move in is too long. I have decided to disregard the naysayers and the haters and throw the party anyway. It isn’t like this was a sinister plan on my part, it really has taken a long time to get all my ducks in the row. But now my house is ready for company, more or less, and I have really been wanting to host this party for a very long time. The problem stems from the temperature. Around here it feels like summer for most of the year, and my house unfortunately does not have working air conditioning. I knew this when I bought it, of course, but I thought that it wouldn’t cost very much to have the HVAC system tuned up. The house actually had no HVAC system at all, nor did it have the system of air ducts it would need to house such a system. I had several different HVAC contractors come out to inspect my home and give me a price estimate for all the labor and HVAC equipment needed. The lowest bid I got would still take me a year to save up for, so I realized that getting central AC was not in the cards for me. After nine months, winter has arrived and the temps has gone from blistering to mildly chilly, so now I won’t need AC to host a nice party. I call it housewarming party, but it is actually a house heating party, because all the body heat in my little home will be what keeps us all warm.

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