This is running very hot

The two of us have absolutely believed that technology is going to be the downfall of civilization as we know it. Still, the two of us absolutely want to make sure that we can make our dollar from the booming industry of Technology. The two of us hired six computer coders to work on a special program, that will easily be the next big thing in the technological world. The two of us hired specialty coders, because the two of us have absolutely no idea how to do anything that has to do with our computer. The two of us can barely manage to put the sleep mode on, in order to go to bed at night. The two of us worry about more important things, like making sure the employees get paid plus making sure that our extensive heating + air conditioning plan is maintained. The two of us absolutely have all of our code on servers and our basement. The basement can be a moist area, so the two of us absolutely installed a complex heating + air conditioning plan. The intense and complex heating + air conditioning plan includes a dehumidifier feature. All of these features can be controlled from a smart thermostat, plus that can absolutely be controlled with my cell phone or iPad. I can easily monitor all of the levels from the office, for the servers in our basement. The application on my cell phone will tell me the temperature in the house plus the humidity levels. It also warns us if the Temperature levels go above or below what we consider to be absolute.

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