I can’t believe how cold this is

My parents are absolutely set in their ways! They don’t like change in any shape or form. It has regularly been that way and it should be that way as far as they’re concerned. All of this applies to upgrading their Heating and Air Conditioning system too. My father is overly proud of his old iron furnace. To be fair, he has taken care of that furnace as if it were a well loved tree in his yard. Why should he get a new furnace, if this one is still working? I have tried many times to convince him to replace his whole HVAC system, but he always just waves his hand to shut down the conversation. I knew that one day, his outdated old furnace would give out and he would be forced to buy a modern one. Last week, that finally happened! He called me to say that I was finally going to get my wish since he was going to replace his furnace. It was slightly upsetting, as I knew he would be shelling out some cash for the upgrade. A few days later, he called to ask if I’d come over to see his new furnace. Nerd! To his credit though, it was absolutely much more sleek than his old iron furnace. He drove it into my head that this new furnace was “energy efficient”, which really pleased him. The thing he seemed most proud of in the endeavour was the humidifier he had added onto the furnace. My mother had complained for years of the house being so dry during the Wintertime. Now she was thrilled with the modern comfortable air put out by the new furnace.

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