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The beginning of this week I was particularly rushed before I left for work. You see, I had been off for holiday the previous week. So I was really out of my routine, and I accidentally slept in many hours later than normal for me. I threw everything together quickly: my supper, my gym bag, and my school bag, then threw my hair in a ponytail, put on foundation and mascara, a straight-forward blouse, pencil skirt, and pointed toe flats, then jumped in my car and left for work. My normal hour and fifteen minute routine had been crammed into thirty short minutes, and I knew that I had forgotten something in the house. However ten minutes down the road, I realized that I had not brought my coffee, and that I had not adjusted my temperature control unit back to normal. I appreciate my bedroom to be particularly frosty while I sleep, so I leave my a/c blasting at evening time. I always set my temperature control to 64 degrees. To compensate for the excessive a/c I use in the evening. I then try to turn my a/c up to 76 degrees when I leave for work. Instead, while in the hottest portions of the day, my a/c would be running always. I was legitimately miserable with myself, both for forgetting to adjust my temperature control and for not buying the smart temperature control that I saw for sale just last week prior! If I had a smart temperature control, I could have adjusted my temperature control remotely. Instead, I had to sit all day at work, knowing that I was basically flushing money down the drain, then yesterday, on my way home, I stopped by a department store and bought a smart temperature control to remedy this problem from happening again.

programmable thermostat 

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