The air ducts are layered with mold

While residing in such a sizzling and moist place, it’s actually tough to keep moisture out of our apartment.  Fortunately, our air conditioning component keeps most of the moisture out of the house for the most part through purification so nothing can develop mold. If you leave anything outside for long enough, it will develop either rust or mold.  We have a barn that is not weather-proofed. So, the first year all of us resided in our apartment, all of us found out the tough way that all of us couldn’t hide any of our tools or yard unit in there because it all started to become ruined  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I was washing our air vent covers around the apartment and discovered that there was mold growing on every single one of them! I could not figure out how mold could be developing inside our air ducts and being distributed all the way to our air vents into the apartment, so I talked to our local Heating and Air Conditioning technician.  He discussed this with me for a while over the cellphone attempting to troubleshoot things. However, ultimately he elected to come take a look for himself. He quickly went to take a look around our Heating and Air Conditioning unit. He snatched off the main cover and started to jab around and found that there was in fact some mold developing inside our Heating and Air Conditioning unit!  This was causing all the mold spores to be distributed through our air ducts and stick onto the inside of our vent covers. It was no wonder my fiance had been having such bad dust irritations this season! He was able to wash everything up within a few minutes or many and all of us haven’t had any complications since!


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