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I am an passionate exerciser.  My fiance and I wake up and attend the gym by 8:30 every morning, and that has been our habit for about two years now.  I use to not be a morning gym member nor would you ever notice me in a gym before 12pm. However, now I don’t understand how I would ever get our cardio in after supper time.  I am always attempting to find reasons to not workout if I don’t take it out of the way in the early morning. As you can tell, depending on the month of the year, it can either be harshly frigid, or already pretty tepid that early in the morning where we reside.  That’s why we are supremely thankful for our gym’s Heating & A/C system. Every morning, we go in, and it’s the ideal temperature, and it’s never too humid or toasty. They have multiple properly functioning Heating & A/C systems that keep the entire location ideally temperature controlled throughout the day.  They also have zone control which permits all of the separate workout rooms to be able to reprogram the heating and cooling for that area separately. This is ideal for when they have hot yoga or a swim class where they want the temperature to be more tepid than the rest of the gym. Personally, I am always running on the treadmills, so I love it to be a little more frigid than others.  So, if there is nobody else in the area when I’m using the treadmill, I have free reign over that zone control and can have it as frigid as I need it!

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