Twisting some knobs

There are ignorant plus smart things everywhere. People can be ignorant or knowledgable. You even can tell when an animal is ignorant or just really stupid. However, I guess it is very similar with inanimate things. I suppose that I got the most ignorant furnace in the entire store. My heater could not manage with a smart thermostat. It stubbornly refused to link with the thermostat plus figure out a climate control program. I had to return it plus buy a basic wireless thermostat. Sometimes the furnace will power on with the remote, but sometimes it just won’t. It does not care if the batteries are current or ancient. Sometimes the furnace just can’t manage with it. It either is too ignorant to grasp the wireless thermostat, or the furnace is extremely standoffish. Sometimes I have to actually turn on plus off my heater with my hands. That is a ache in the butt. I am required to take off the front vent, twist a few knobs, plus remember to later on check back. If I leave the furnace running, it will remain on forever. If I power off the heater, it is just off until I turn it back. The condo can be 40 or 100 degrees, it does not seem to matter to the fireplace that I bought. I have strived to set a centralized condo temperature with the internet powered thermostat. The furnace either rejects this or simply cannot understand what I desire. So if I turn on the heater, I have to be cautious not to overheat it. If I let the furnace have a rest, I am required to make sure the weather outside does not drop plus make the whole condo frosty.

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