The temperature is always dropping

I informed myself that after Easter, we would use no heater. However, the people I was with and I are currently in the Springtime season. I should no longer need to use a heating system, and now is the time to repair the air conditioner, plus put the heating system away for the year. However, I haven’t gotten a chance to do either of those things. I have just started out attempting not to use the heater. I am not succeeding at all. I have caved a couple of times. Lately though, I have just been frosting our butt off. The weather outside keeps adjusting. The people I was with and I get mornings where is is nice plus tepid outside. It honestly gets more tepid outside than it is inside our apartment with no heating system running. If the weather remained that way, not using heating would not be a complication. The complication is that the weather then decreases into the 40s plus occasionally even 30s. Not using any heater during those frosty temperatures is just torture. I keep dreaming that if I can make 1 more week then I will be successful! Eventually Springtime has to come in our area. Someday, the two of us should be experiencing toasty temperatures and will not have to use the heating system anymore. I abhor how high our energy bills are, how nasty the air quality is, plus how loud our heating system is. I honestly plan to get rid of those complication plus expect warmer weather outdoors. I might be required to give in for another month though. I don’t assume how much longer I can endure not having any heater. You can only be frosty for a certain period of time.

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