Maybe I need a furnace repair

My city literally has no growing businesses. All of us have 1 grocery store, 1 post office, and several unusual locales to order take-out. All of us only have 1 diner and several laundromats all on the exact same street. Our city also contains no Heating plus A/C provider. So if you need heating or cooling service, you have to look at suppliers over an hour from the city. The nearest Heating plus A/C supplier would have to commute an hour, plus they would make you pay extra money to do that! Needless to say, there is a large demand for Heating plus A/C expertise. Unfortunately, I have this expertise. At 1 time in our life, I thought I desired to be a Heating plus A/C worker, and I did a ton of studying, took a few classes, plus did an shadowing with a Heating plus A/C business. After wasting around a year in the Heating plus A/C field, I determined it was not for me. I still have some of the expertise plus comprehension though. I can relocate a Heating plus A/C unit, maintenance it, plus do some extremely complex repairs. However, word has spread around the city, plus citizens are typically contacting me. Everybody is attempting to get myself and others to be the city’s Heating plus A/C worker. One of my aged teachers wants me to repair their gas furnace. The guy at the laundromat has an air conditioner pouring refrigerant. A guy I went to school with has a heat pump method that he can’t fix on his own. Everyone is able to pay me, but I just don’t desire to do it. I don’t care about the Heating plus A/C field, plus I don’t desire to be on call for the whole city.

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