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I was raised by my older brother, and I am very grateful for the help he gave me in life.  He gave me a lot of love and support, and I have no idea where I would have ended up in life without his help.  He came to all of my extra-curricular activities, and supported me in the pursuit of my life dreams. I am excited that I am able to repay him in some small way.  As my brother has a degenerative disease, I came back to help him out. He and I live in a region of the country where year round weather extremes create a lot of problems.  I help keep his driveway cleared of snow during the wintry season. I rake the leaves out of his yard and clean his windows. I handle all mowing, trimming and gardening in the hot parts of the season.  When spring arrives, I do the typical spring cleaning of his whole house. I drive him to see his physicians and therapists and also to his errands in town. I scheduled a heating and cooling service in the area to check his house twice a year to make sure the HVAC runs well.  A local company calls him to remind him to schedule his maintenance appointments. The company shows up to the house to completes the necessary cleaning and testing of the electric furnace and air conditioner. This combats malfunction, energy waste, and the danger of faulty equipment.  It definitely also keeps the air conditioning units running at maximum efficiency. Not only does this respected service save my brother’s wallet, but it helps keep a healthier and more comfortable home. Since the heating and cooling company cannot replace his air filters every month, I do that for him.  

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