I struggle with winter

In the north where I live, the heating is the most important thing.  The winters are long and very cold. We face dropping temperatures that are well below freezing, and many times well below zero, for the majority of the year.  It normally snows from October until sometime during April, and all of us often experience blizzard conditions. Because of this horrible weather, we need a heating plan that operates reliably, keeps costs low, and is works against the worst conditions.  I bought a boiler, which is a water-based furnace, and provides numerous benefits. I enjoy the fact that the boiler is totally silent while it works and infuses heat into the room, rather than blowing it in. Introducing heat through water rather than air prevents uncomfortable temperature stratification and avoids heavy pollution from entering the room.  With none of the noise, pollutants, or energy waste of a duct system. Plus, the boiler is marvelously adjustable, partnering with radiators, baseboard heating systems or radiant flooring. Not only that, but the boiler supplements my hot water needs and supplies heat to a snowmelt plan built into my driveway and sidewalks. Because water heats up faster and retains heat longer, the boiler is even more energy efficient than a forced air gas unit.  It allows for one to set up zones within his house. With separate thermostats in the many rooms, I can change temperature settings and avoid heating empty spaces. The only real negative of this boiler plan is a complete lack of cooling capacity. However, when you have such short summer seasons in this area, A/C isn’t really necessary.

heating system 

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