Ductless is the way to go

When my husband and I first moved north, in addition to buying a modern house, it was quite an adjustment.  We had never lived in a cooler climate, and had been used to running the central cooling method for most of the year.  Our modern beach house is equipped with a boiler system, but there was no access to air conditioning. Within the first year, he and I noticed that heating was definitely the priority.  With temperatures in the single digits in addition to several feet of snow on the ground for more than half the year, all of us rely heavily on the boiler. We are totally content with the heating capabilities of the boiler.  It really handles even the most serious cold weather in addition to giving us an absolutely amazing temperature control. The method is quiet, clean, energy efficient, and supplements our water heating needs. However, the boiler is not capable of adding central cooling.  We need to install an entire duct system, which is not cost effective and would create an enormous mess. Although the warm season season in the area is quite short, the weather is extremely warm and humid. My hubby and I tried getting by with some portable fans and window air units, however we were not successful with this.  We wanted something permanently installed which would more effectively handle the heat. We ended up investing in a ductless split system, which consists of a single outdoor component linked to multiple indoor air handlers. The air handlers are beautifully compact, mount high on the wall, in addition to provide exceptional cooling capacity.  The installation process was quick, non-invasive and affordable.

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