My vacation really went well

Rather spontaneously last week, my wife as well as I decided to take a short trip out of town for a break. You see, we had been saving up some money to go on a cruise in early December, however the two of us found out that my wife will not be able to take any time off of her job in December, not even for Christmas! To console ourselves, the two of us drove to a beach town a few hours away on Tuesday. Using some of our cruise fund for this trip, we knew we would still have plenty left for whenever the two of us do get to go on our fabulous cruise! The mini getaway was just lovely for us. We decided to sleep in everyday as well as the day we left. We took long, slow walks everyday, as well as ate some legitimately delicious food, including the most amazing deviled crab that I have ever had in my aged life! On Sunday night, though, the realization sunk in that the two of us were several moments away from home, as well as the two of us both had to be at our prospective jobs at more than six in the morning! The drive back cabin was so sad! My partner was so tired that he kept the cold air blasting so that the frigid cold kept him alert! I, of course, had not brought any kind of sweater or blanket with me. So I just had to adjust the vents as far away from myself as I could in hopes to avoid as much air conditioning as possible. However, the automobile ride seemed to take forever. The air conditioning was making me utterly miserable, but I was even more tired than my partner. I really did not want to let him fall asleep at the wheel! We made it to the cabin after what seemed like forever, as well as I was so cheerful to get out of the air conditioning and jump into bed!


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