I know the air should be cleaned

When my partner and our boys started begging to get a dog, I was reluctant.  Despite all of their promises to care for the dog, I knew that a lot of the responsibility would fall to me.  I doubted my partner would be willing to walk the dog at midnight, or in the rain. I knew my six-year-old child wouldn’t shovel a path through the snow for the dog in the winter.  I knew I’d be paying for dog food and trips to the vet. I was also concerned about the impact on the heating and cooling system. I already make sure to change the air filter in the furnace and a/c every month.  Everytime, the filter is filthy with dust and other contaminants. Adding a bunch of pet dander would only worsen the indoor air quality, and could even cause potential problems for our heating and cooling equipment.  When the air filter becomes jammed with debris, it hinders airflow through the system, causing the furnace and a/c to run for longer cycles. This diminishes comfort, adds wear and tear to components, and expends more energy.  This means higher annual utility bills. Plus, if the pet dander manages to get into the complex inner components of the heating and cooling system, it could lead to malfunction. I finally agreed that the boys could have a dog, as long as every one of us found a breed that didn’t shed.  I then started researching breeds of dogs and whole-home air cleaners. Before the dog arrived, I wanted to have the air purifier installed and fully operational.

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