The existing heating unit

Due to the dire winter weather in the portion of the United States where I live, it’s necessary to keep a really tightly sealed home.  My partner and I of us are forced to run the gas furnace for approximately seven or more months of the year; it costs a small fortune in energy costs.  I’ve taken every precaution to prevent energy loss in order to lower our utility bills. I’ve devoted considerable time, a sizeable budget, and effort in order to replace all of the windows, caulking around them, weatherstripping around the doors, even adding insulation to the walls plus ceilings.  While I’ve created a more efficient home, this means that the same stale air is trapped in our home, continually circulated. With no influx of fresh air, the lake house starts to feels really dry and dusty. I’ve even observed that the gas furnace creates a film on the windows. Every winter, I now suffer from more frequent headaches, coughing, and a sore throat.  I sneeze often due to the dust, and deal with dry skin, chapped lips, and even frizzy hair. I’ve done some research plus spoke with finally spoken with a local HVAC technician, and I’ve realized that I need ventilation. I’ve now scheduled an appointment to have a ventilation system installed into the existing heating unit. This ventilator will bring in fresh, outside air without any of the energy losses.  It will really help to reduce heating costs by preheating the incoming air. The ventilator will increase humidity levels all year long, get rid of that musty smell, plus make the lake house feel much cleaner and fresher. I am really excited to have the ventilation system installed and witness the difference it makes. According to everything I’ve found online, the improvement is significant.

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